Rollup Helper Selected by G2 for The Who’s Who of Software this Season



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Every quarter, G2 releases a series of objective reports on important software options on the market.

In its newly released Fall reports, Passage Technology’s Rollup Helper is named as a top app in its category among “Americas Grid® Scores for Salesforce AppExchange Apps.” In fact, among the 25 apps named in the G2 category, Rollup Helper scored the highest “Satisfaction” rating.

We certainly appreciate the kind words from G2, but we can’t humbly say that we were totally surprised. After all, on the Salesforce® AppExchange listing for Rollup Helper, the app has garnered nearly 500 reviews with an average 4.75-star rating (out of 5). More than 86% of those reviews were for 5 stars; another 8% gave it 4 stars. If you are a Rollup Helper fan and you left a review, you have our gratitude for letting the Salesforce® ecosystem know about this Awesome Admin App.

As previously mentioned, the G2 reports are updated every three months. Inclusion on a list is bolstered by many factors, among them are reviews at G2. So ongoing fan support from Rollup Helper supporters gives Passage Technology the feedback and opportunity to continue building and innovating a better app, week after week, month after month.

If you log in or create a free account at G2, you can add your voice to the choir on this G2 review page for Rollup Helper. We promise that we review all of your reviews. We value your input and are dependent on it. Thanks again.


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