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Rollup Helper Selected by G2 for The Who’s Who of Software

We’re happy to announce that in G2’s newly released Fall reports, Passage Technology’s Rollup Helper is named as a top app in its category among “Americas Grid® Scores for Salesforce AppExchange Apps.” Among the 25 apps named in the G2 category, Rollup Helper scored the highest Satisfaction rating.

Currently on the Salesforce® AppExchange listing for Rollup Helper, the app has nearly 500 reviews with an average 4.75-star rating (out of 5). More than 86% of those reviews were for 5 stars; another 8% gave it 4 stars. Read the full story: Rollup Helper Selected by G2 for The Who’s Who of Software this Season

Thank you, Awesome Admins!

P.S. To add your voice to the G2 review page for Rollup Helper, simply log in or create a free account at G2. We believe that the more feedback we receive, the more opportunities we have to improve the app.

72% of Organizations Outperform Industry Peers on Innovation

According to McKinsey, organizational speed is essential for companies to achieve outperformance during periods of unprecedented change. They report, “Companies that act fast do so because of their adept use of technology and tactics such as a sharper focus on customers.” Read more: Outpacing Your Competition With Apps

Eliminating Data Silos, Connecting, and Organizing Data for AI

Before organizations can experience the benefits of AI, they need to ensure their existing data assets are properly managed. To give you some context, Salesforce® reports that the average enterprise has data in more than 800 applications, and only 29% of them are connected. Read more: Eliminating Data Silos, Connecting, and Organizing Data for AI

How Salesforce Apps Help Reduce Costs & Fuel Growth 

An important part of getting your house in order is ensuring your Salesforce org is healthy and efficient. Do you have functionality that’s duplicated or not being used, too many dashboards, or reports that are hard to manage? Is it difficult to get insights from data? Read more: Tight Budget? Salesforce Apps Can Help Reduce Costs and Fuel Growth

App News & Updates

Data Quality Helper’s Time-Saving UX Enhancement 

Data Quality Helper is all about improving the quality of Salesforce data quickly and easily. Now Data Quality Helper users have the ability to clone rules to aid with the creation of multiple similar rules. For example, if a user wants to create multiple settings on the same object with similar criteria with different warning messages, cloning allows the user to make the additional settings easier. 

For the complete list of updates, check out Release Notes v1.59.

About Data Quality Helper

NEW! Milestones PM+ Assigned Task List Options

We replaced the Task Gantt on the Resource Management tab with a list of assigned tasks and ability to reassign the current resource. See the image below for an example. 

Assigned task list options

See Release Notes v15.3 for a complete list of updates.

About Milestones PM+

Lookup Helper Launches Criteria Matching Feature 

Criteria Matching 

We’re excited about Lookup Helper’s new Criteria Matching feature! When Criteria Matching is enabled on a Lookup Helper setting, records are related only when filter criteria is met. Check out the Admin Guide for more information. See Release Notes v10.10 and Release Notes v10.13,  or the v10.13 video for additional Lookup Helper updates.

The new Criteria Matching Mode checkbox is shown in the gray bar of the image below.

Criteria matching



About Lookup Helper

Check it out! Automatic Rollups and Knowledge Article Integration

Now users have the ability to create Automatic Rollup Groups. This feature can be used to create rollup groups by source object, target object, type, child filter, and parent filter. It will also automatically sort new rollups into matching rollup groups. 

We’re also excited about the addition of Integrated Knowledge Articles within the app, which provides users with easy-to-access support and information options right in the app. To get the details, see Release Notes v19.4.

The image below shows an example of creating an Automatic Group Rollup (“Automatic” radio button is selected).

RH All Rollups page image

About Rollup Helper  

Featured Customer Success Story 

Swivl Logo 200x400px

Swivl Uses Rollup Helper to Manage Data as They Expand in the Education Tech Space

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Ask PT About Making Sure Contact Roles Are Documented in Salesforce 

Ask PT imageDear PT, 

Managing data and data hygiene in Salesforce® is a constant struggle at our company. Sometimes, incomplete data can be as damaging as bad data. With different people doing the data entry, it can be difficult to make sure the information is complete every time. For example, Opportunities may not have the key roles for the Contacts properly documented. Is there any easy way to identify and fix these data gaps?

-Val I. Dayshon from Roll, AZ

To see the answer, read Ask PT About Making Sure Contact Roles Are Documented in Salesforce.

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