New Features

  • Recycle archived Tasks and Events.
  • Storage Helper will now suggest ways to reduce the usage percentage so you may avoid hitting the storage limit.
  • Storage Helper now allows you to track File Storage utilized in addition to Data Storage.
  • Added Storage Helper Exceptions tab. Make sure to assign the Storage Helper Permission Set to your users that will need visibility. 

Performance Improvement  

  • Recalculates Storage Usage percentage from the main Storage Recycle Job page.
  • New Run Mode button is located on the Storage Helper Settings popup which allows selection of the way Storage Recycle jobs are run.
  • The Data Storage Usage calculation was improved to be more efficient and accurate.
  • When an object is unable to be sent to the recycling bin when deleted, warning messages will be displayed on Storage Recycle Job creation.
  • Savings at the Storage Recycle Job level are now displayed in addition to the total saved by all Storage Recycle Jobs.
  • Now displays the number of records recycled during the most recent run.
  • Added FAQ button for in app FAQ’s.
  • Added link to purchase additional data storage at a discounted rate.
  • Records can now be individually recycled from the preview page.
  • Added ability to recycle child objects when a ‘restrict delete’ lookup relationship exists between the object the Storage Recycle Job is created for, and the child object.  ‘Restrict delete’ causes a lookup relationship to behave like a master detail relationship in that the parent can not be deleted unless all children who use the parent as a lookup value are also deleted.
  • Improved next run time text:
    • Manual Run will display that it will not automatically run.
    • Run After Data Export will display the datetime of the export.
    • Scheduled will display the scheduled datetime.
  • Improved scalability for the criterion tab when using with a small computer screen.
  • Reduced the number of batches created by Stor age Helper when recycling records.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues encountered for Storage Recycle Jobs created on the Task object.
  • Fixed issues that caused the total number of records recycled to be incorrect.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fi xes.