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Rollup Helper & Passage Technology's Development Services Take Vertafore's Org to the Next Level

 Vertafore uses Rollup Helper, a Salesforce app by Passage Technology.


Vertafore is a leader in creating and selling insurance software for carriers, agencies, and managing general agents.

With a main objective of managing/tracking the frequency of touch with their customers, Vertafore's SVP of Sales needed a dashboard for multiple sales teams that showed the percentage of accounts a rep had contacted in last quarter, six months, nine months, or never contacted.


Vertafore explored the rollup feature in but found that it had many limitations. They considered building triggers but didn't have the resources/budget for a developer or consulting firm. They wanted a solution that would go above and beyond solving the one specific business need with custom coding.

Since they also track marketing activities using Eloqua, they needed to exclude those customer activities and only track sales rep generated tasks/events. Triggers came with an additional cost and didn't provide the flexibility Vertafore needed. They also needed more functionality than the rollups offered.


They created two custom fields on the account page that stored the rolled up values of the latest task (ActivityDate) and event (EndDateTime) dates to account. Then Vertafore used a Rollup Helper filter to exclude Eloqua activities and added business logic. From there they created two account (hierarchical) reports for reporting on latest task and event dates. Finally, Vertafore created a dynamic dashboard to include these reports.

This solution allowed sales leadership to build an account management strategy where they could 'farm' accounts that the reps have not actively sought out for a long time. After the initial launch of Rollup Helper, Vertafore engaged Passage Technology on additional Development Services for product development to truly take their org to the next level.


During this project, Vertafore was able to add the functionality to Rollup Helper to rollup text fields from a task to an opportunity. They also worked with Passage Technology to build out other capabilities into their solution that normally would've required expensive and static triggers. Rollup Helper allowed Vertafore to implement added functionality — and a flexible solution — all within their budget.

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