Southern Light utilized Passage Technology's Development Services.

Southern Light is the leading provider of fiber optic networks and high-capacity transport solutions in the Southern United States. The company delivers affordable, high-bandwidth services to wireless carriers, government entities, and businesses, keeping locations connected to one another and the world.

Challenge: Southern Light needed to embed a Google map into a Visualforce page that would use specified GPS fields from the viewed record to mark the location on the map. Also required the ability to load a KML overlay to the map from a source outside of Salesforce. Security of the maps was a high priority.

Solution: The team at Passage Technology designed a custom Visualforce page with an embedded Google map that was able to use Google API codes and JavaScript to pull the required information from both the Salesforce record as well as a Google Storage solution that would allow access to the required KML file. The page was then loaded into two custom objects one of them implemented via a Visualforce page.

Results: This provided a solution with a major usability improvement in its dynamic nature to pin point fiber optic network locations at the click of a button, dramatically improving the speed of agent workflow using external and internal data sources.  It also provided the ability to verify latitude/longitude.