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Optical Solutions Australia (“OSA”) is Australia’s largest independently owned network distribution company. Founded in 2002, OSA has quickly become Australia’s No. 1 independently owned designer and distributor of world-class network solutions with a reputation for delivering on time, every time.

Their six branches deliver Australia-wide logistics. All branches have fully stocked warehouses and trade counters, and are strategically located near airports and major transport routes. OSA approaches projects from a systems point of view, which frees up budget and empowers their clients.

Challenge: Restrictions with Custom Objects

There are situations where actionable data is required within Salesforce® for reporting purposes. These situations require a real-time rollup field, but since there are restrictions with Custom Objects in Salesforce, OSA needed a solution to fill this gap.

Optical Solutions Australia's National CRM Project Manager Mira Shah says, “We have a Custom Object called Prospects, which is implemented by Milestones PM+ Project Management, Passage Technology's native project management app for Salesforce. Since we are using all Custom Objects and the native functionality requires they have a master-detail relationship - and we have one Project and bids from multiple contractors - this means we have one Project with multiple Prospects.”

When Optical Solutions Australia created a project and related multiple Prospects, they needed to see:

  • The highest amount (until the project is open or they lost the Project)
  • Or win amount (if the Project is closed as a win) on a Project Object

Solution: Creating a Prospect Amount & Amount Field in the Project Object

“As I was looking for a rollup app on AppExchange, I found Passage Technology’s Rollup Helper app. It includes three free rollups, so you can try it out. I installed Rollup Helper in my Salesforce Sandbox, played with it, and found it to be perfectly suitable for me.”

The team at Optical Solutions Australia created a Prospect amount and an Amount field in the Project Object. After that they began to create a rollup.

Mira explains, ”First we selected a child Object and chose Prospect. Our next steps included choosing the type MAX, the amount field, and creating business logic.” Now OSA can see the highest revenue amount on the Project when it’s open.

She says they created another rollup with a formula field in the Project Object. Here is how it works: If the Prospect is open or Closed Lost, they can see the highest amount of related Prospects or if they win the Project, they can see related Closed Won and the Prospect amount.

Results: Positive Impact to Sales Process

“Ultimately, Rollup Helper from Passage Technology positively impacted our sales process as we can now acquire and communicate more information in real-time than ever before. Branch managers can easily login and see in real-time what is going on with Projects,” says Mira.

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