Rollup Helper Gives AskNicely Actionable Data During the Pandemic


Feedback software, AskNicely, uses free Salesforce admin app Rollup Helper from trusted service partner Passage Technology. Case study, customer success story.AskNicely is a customer experience platform whose mission is to help businesses drive customer happiness by collecting feedback directly after an experience (based on the Net Promoter Score framework), which enables teams to take action immediately. Businesses around the world use AskNicely to improve their customer experience and drive customer retention, revenue expansion, and referrals. Founded in New Zealand in 2014, they are backed by Nexus Venture Partners USA and Blackbird Ventures AUS. In 2020, they expanded to Portland, U.S., Auckland, New Zealand, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Challenge: Unable to Connect Customer Usage Data From Core Platform to Salesforce

When AskNicely tried to connect opportunities to accounts and custom objects that were different from the Salesforce standard rollups, they discovered that they needed more functionality, since the built-in rollup tools were limited in number and flexibility.

“We have custom objects and we were not connecting customer usage data from our core platform to Salesforce, so we couldn’t mix and match revenue, opportunities, and renewal dates against usage, risk, and health score,” said Sloan Morris, Director of Operations at AskNicely.

They needed a tool that would give them more options, real-time data, and simplify their multiple reports. In addition, they also needed a tool that would quickly provide actionable data for their executive team during a crisis like the pandemic.

Solution: Aggregating Data & Creating a Custom Daily Stats Object  

AskNicely chose Rollup Helper so they could get actionable, real-time data for reporting. Rollup Helper is Passage Technology’s data aggregation tool for Salesforce, which allows AskNicely to create data rollups that provide the insights they need. Using Rollup Helper, AskNicely created a custom object where they could run daily imports from their product into Salesforce.

“We probably have a dozen different separate rollups pulling in information from the daily stats that are identifying risks, use cases, and looking for specific product features. We basically consider our customers activated based on the features Rollup Helper is pulling in from what we call the “daily stats object” into the account,” explains Sloan.

Since their team frequently has questions about AskNicely’s new features, Rollup Helper allows them to easily pull these reports up. The data is available in a way that makes it easy to analyze and research. “Even if data is on the same platform, you need objects to talk together. Rollup Helper is a really important gap filler for that part of the functionality and it works well—it’s self-documenting, and there are health checks.”

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