Development Team Provider Optimizes Invoicing & Account Management with Rollup Helper


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As a Ukrainian provider of dedicated development teams and technology consultants, Mobilunity aims to connect clients across industries with top technical talent to solve specific business problems. 

Challenge: Streamline & Automate Complex Invoicing Process 

Mobilunity provides services to multiple departments inside their clients' organizations. Their services range from providing dedicated development teams for R&D departments, part-time marketing assistants and other non-technical specialists, to RPA consultancy services.

Mobilunity needed to bill clients as one legal entity, however, the services they provide all have different pricing models and payment terms. 

Salesforce Admin, Developer and Consultant Dorian Sabitov was presented with the challenge of automating and unifying the invoicing process for Mobilunity. He needed to find a way to sum-up amounts due, while separating them by the different services that are billed to the same client.

Rollup Helper Automates Workflows & Eliminates Bookkeeping Steps

Dorian chose Rollup Helper to simplify Mobilunity’s complex billing process and automate their workflows. He explains, “By using Rollup Helper, we've made workflows automatic and tied to bill due dates. This ensures we're accurate and quick in managing our invoices.” 

“The benefit isn't just time saved. It also eliminates the need to have separate bookkeeping for various groups and tasks. Our team that deals with customer accounts finds its work goes smoother now,” adds Dorian.

New Approach to Account Management & Billing Drives Efficiency & Growth

Rollup Helper has transformed Mobilunity’s approach to client account management and billing. “This adoption has proven the important value of having the right technical solutions in place, driving efficiency and growth,” said Eliza Kravchenko, Mobilunity’s Director of Account Management.

Because Rollup Helper is not restricted to a Master/Detail relationship between objects, it makes doing roll-up summary fields in Salesforce® much easier. Eliza concludes, ”The main point is that Rollup Helper proves its worth by minimizing the number of clicks and providing high-level summaries.”

Dorian also shares his experience with Rollup Helper in this Rollup Helper review.

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