How Leap Technologies, Inc. Generates Warm Leads With Rollup Helper


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Joseph Lavin, Leap Technologies, Inc.

Leapfin provides revenue operations software to automate processes like revenue recognition, KPI, and metric reporting without replacing any of the existing systems you’re used to. Instead, Leapfin acts as the “plumbing” between your systems, allowing them to work together the way you wish they would.

Challenge: Sales Growth Leads to a Need for New Lead Scoring Process 

As sales began rapidly increasing, it was clear that Leap Technologies, Inc. would need more robust sales and marketing solutions to compliment Salesforce.

"Ultimately, we decided to go with Pardot for marketing, and Salesloft for outbound email marketing. Out of the box, Pardot offers a lead scoring feature that assigns a number to a lead depending on how “hot” or “cold” they are. This number is based on lead actions Pardot tracks, such as email opens, page views, downloads, etc. Unfortunately, clicks and views from Salesloft emails (where the majority of our emails were coming from) did not influence the lead score. We wanted a way to have Salesloft activities influence the lead score for more accurate reporting, in order to identify the best-bet leads to go after,” explained Joseph Lavin of Leap Technologies.

Solution: New Total Lead Score Field

Joseph said, “With Rollup Helper, I was able create live, custom roll ups that count the number views and clicks from Salesloft data in the lead activity fields. It was then very simple to create a ‘total lead score’ field that added the Salesloft data to the Pardot score, to accomplish a conglomerated lead score.”

Results: Increase in the Number of Qualified Leads & Meetings Booked

“We now are able to produce a warm leads report at any moment to hand off to our sales development reps. This has significantly increased the number of meetings booked, as well as their overall happiness. It’s much more fun to speak with interested leads, rather than cold ones!” concluded Joseph.

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