Public Transportation Agency With 9 Million Riders Streamlines Projects


Salesforce project management for public transportation uses project app Milestones PM+ and trusted service partner Passage Technology. Case study, customer success story.Challenge: Getting the Team on the Same Page

A public transportation agency for a large metro area that serves more than nine million people needed a project management solution to help their team get on the same page. They were using a variety of tools for managing projects ranging from spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Excel, Basecamp, and SmartSheets to notebook paper—and needed a solution that would help streamline their project management process.

Solution: Tracking Projects, Resources & Eliminating Duplication of Efforts

After researching solutions, the transportation agency selected Milestones PM+ to track and manage their projects. “We chose Milestones PM+ as it had a low effort to entry, and our Salesforce Build consultant (who was familiar with our requirements) showed how it fit the bill, without having to do a lot of configuration or customization,” explains an associate from the agency.

Milestones PM+ is Passage Technology’s cross-industry, project/process management solution and is 100% native to Salesforce.

The transportation agency’s team uses Milestones PM+ to track and manage a wide range of internal and external projects efficiently and eliminate duplication of efforts. “Some are multibillion dollar transit projects, and others are small short-lived programming efforts. We needed a way to see what each of us was working on, using minimal communication, and ensure that we weren’t working in the same area,” said the associate from the agency.

The transportation agency also uses Milestones PM+ to help them manage staff workloads by identifying when a staff member has capacity for more or less work. Overall, Milestones PM+ has helped them improve their project management process by:

  • Training staff members on the same project management tool, regardless of the project. Since projects now use the same terms, tools, and expectations, it helps staff members transition from project to project more easily.
  • Giving them a single source of truth by measuring projects using the same metrics, standards, and expectations.
  • Helping them identify areas of concern, potential roadblocks, and areas that need more resources in order to be successful.
  • Inputting project data directly into Milestones PM+ gives staffers visual representation of their projects, and eliminates the need to spend time translating technical documents and project timelines.

Results: Time Savings & Reduced Resource Conflict

Their ability to have a 360-degree visibility to projects, tasks, programs, milestones, time, risks and issues, and resources in their CRM has made a huge difference. The agency associate said, “I’m seeing less project resource conflict, we are getting more time to shift needed resources in order to get a specific task done.”

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