CFO Cloud Consulting Manages Billing Data for Clients With Rollup Helper


Salesforce accounting app consultant CFO Cloud Consulting uses free Salesforce admin app Rollup Helper from trusted service partner Passage Technology. Case study, customer success story.Challenge: Simplifying Accounting Processes

Kathryn Cantwell’s company CFO Cloud Consulting is an independent consultant for Accounting Seed, which is an accounting application that’s native to Salesforce. CFO Cloud Consulting bridges the gap between accounting and technology by leveraging the Salesforce® platform to digitize and simplify accounting processes.

“When a business needs to transition from a legacy accounting system to a cloud-based accounting solution or already has an existing Salesforce application but needs help maximizing its capabilities, we transform their business challenge into a cost-saving and revenue generating opportunity,” explains Kathryn.

Solution: Using Rollup Helper to Aggregate Data for Clients

Rollup Helper is Passage Technology’s data aggregation tool for Salesforce, which allows CFO Cloud Consulting to create and schedule data rollups for the insights they need. For example, they have used Rollup Helper to:

  • Get real-time, actionable data that shows how much clients are owed on a specific account
  • Help clients rollup their accounts receivable delinquencies into 30-day, 60-day, and 90- day buckets for invoices
  • Flag accounts that have more than three outstanding invoices, so they are easy to identify
  • Assist clients with identifying billable hours by customer and generating revenue reports

Rollup Helper makes it easier for CFO Cloud Consulting to achieve their goal of helping clients maximize technology. Kathryn sums it up, “If you like slicing and dicing numbers, this is a must have!”

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