Bank Gets Broader View of Client Details With Rollup Helper 


Financial services (retail banking), FineMark, uses free Salesforce admin app Rollup Helper from trusted service partner Passage Technology. Case study, customer success story.Founded in 2007, FineMark National Bank & Trust offers a comprehensive array of banking, trust and investment services to their clients. With locations in Florida, Arizona, and South Carolina, FineMark Bank is dedicated to providing a culture of service to its clients and making a positive difference in the communities they serve.

Challenge: Limitations with Native Rollup Fields in Salesforce

Kim Wargo, who is a FineMark Bank Associate Vice President and Salesforce Certified Administrator, was using the native rollup fields in Salesforce but found she needed something that could go across objects.

FineMark had multiple Objects that needed to be rolled up to the Household to have the entire relationship in one snapshot. “Having multiple child Objects connected up to the Household through the contact meant we were not able to utilize the native fields,” said Kim.

Kim explains, “My first thought was to check the AppExchange. Having used Rollup Helper from Passage Technology in the past, it made my decision easy.”

Solution: Rolling up Data Across Objects to the Targeted Field/Objects

With Rollup Helper, FineMark can now rollup several sets of information across Objects up to the targeted field/Objects that they need.

The result is that FineMark now has a broader view of their client detail in one simple step. Their associates no longer need to visit multiple screens and multiple Objects to connect pieces of information. Kim says, “It has made their job easier with more valuable, rich detail that’s at the ready.”

“It is literally a ‘set it and forget it’ type of setup that is very easy to implement. Once you either schedule or enable real-time, you rarely have to revisit it,” she said.

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