Project management for Salesforce mobile app on Android and iOS

Milestones PM+ is mobile-ready! Whether you're utilizing Milestones PM+ for employee or customer onboarding, launching a new product, or tracking time on a project, you're able to do it all with ease on any mobile device.


Automatic Project Creation

Using Milestones PM+, you can natively create a project from a template off of any object in Salesforce (e.g. opportunity). This requires Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Edition. Instructions for implementation are in the Milestones PM+ Admin Guide. Alternatively, you can purchase our Premium Edition & Support Plan to access this feature.


Milestones PM+ supports the use of multiple templates for your various project types. A template can be used to deliver a consistent project creation process for milestones and tasks for a given project type, product(s), and/or service(s). For more advanced project template export and import functionality, please review our Premium Edition features as there are limitations with the templates export and import process in the free version.

Task Dependencies, Relative Dates, Scheduling

Milestones PM+ supports the creation of milestone and task dependencies. You can easily "move up" the project start date or "delay it" using the Project Configuration button on the project page. You can schedule around weekend work or schedule on weekends. Milestones can be dependent on another milestone. Tasks can be dependent on other tasks.

Status Reporting

Use Milestones PM+ to build native Salesforce reports & dashboards to show the progress and outcomes of your projects for your clients or internal stakeholders.

Portfolio/Program and Project-Level Gantt Charts

Milestones PM+ has varying levels of Gantt chart capabilities:

  • Program-level Gantt charts with projects dependent on another project or projects rolled up into a program/portfolio. These Gantt charts show projects and their key milestones.
  • Project-level Gantt charts.
  • Milestone-level Gantt charts.

Task Workflow

If you are running Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Edition, you may create workflow at the task level to do any sort of automation.

Access To Online Support

All Milestones PM+ users have access to the free online Chatter support group, which includes access to the portal to post basic Milestones PM+ questions.

Project Calendar

Milestones PM+ supports a custom calendar that displays projects, milestones, and tasks.

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