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Ask PT About Listing All Grandchild Records on a Parent Record in Salesforce


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Dear PT, 

At our company, when a Case or Opportunity is created, the parent Account is not always known or identified at that time. This creates a significant amount of work later, trying to manually identify if there is an Account and what it might be. Also, we think it would be useful to have a top-down look at these relationships, viewing the parent Account and seeing a list of its child Accounts and their related objects. How could we accomplish this?

Gren P. Reant from Childwold, NY

Dear Gren,

Actually, it turns out to be pretty easy. The app Lookup Helper specializes in creating and maintaining these Record relationships for all types of Salesforce® Objects, not only just Cases and Opportunities. In fact, it is possible to go even deeper than two levels (child - parent - grandparent). It just depends on your particular needs.

Check out this easy step-by-step process for creating a comprehensive list of all child records under a grandparent record.




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