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Dear PT, 

The nature of our business requires completing the same projects over and over. These projects overlap similar projects, each in a different stage of the same project process. The only differences are beginning and end dates, and once in a while a special task or dependency is needed. We tend to create these project plans from scratch each time—how can we streamline our efforts?

Tim Pleats from Standard, Canada

Dear Tim,

The best approach would be to use a prebuilt template and suit it to the unique project plan requirements. Milestones PM+ is a 100%-native Salesforce® app that allows users to track projects where all of their data is housed. The app has template functionality, which can be customized and then used repeatedly for similar projects. Plus, Milestones PM+ templates can be used for any business function that has projects and resources to assign/manage.

Its template flexibility addresses countless situations—and it all starts by downloading the free Stage-Gate Starter Pack Template. Write once, use many times.




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