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Dear PT, 

With every customer project, there are billable and non-billable hours required to complete the objectives. Of course, customers are very interested in proper accounting—it’s their money on the line. But for our company, the non-billable hours are a necessary cost to us for deploying resources and getting the job done. It is an important metric for measuring efficiency and billing properly, overall and in various departments. Can you help us make sure we are not unnecessarily losing money on these customer engagements?

Bud Jetting in Costa Mesa, CA

Dear Bud,

Setting the right billable hours rate must be informed by the expected non-billable hours consumed. Fortunately, the 100%-Salesforce®-native Milestones PM+ app is easily customized to track these project hours. And tracking is just the beginning. Estimated future hours for both billable/non-billable can be subjected to approved-or-denied functionality, giving you another way to control costs and keep them in line, before they are incurred.

Finally, to see the bigger picture, your company can also analyze strengths and weaknesses with previous resource expenditures across multiple projects over time. Then, structural changes can be made to increase future productivity and profitability. Learn how to gain a financial edge in tracking billable/non-billable hours in Salesforce.




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