Celebrating Project Managers on International Project Management Day



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When there’s a big project on the line, there’s the chance that it will either fall apart, take longer, or cost more if it’s not managed properly.

The heroes that save the day are our project managers, who keep projects on track and running smoothly. International Project Management Day recognizes the significant contributions of project managers everywhere.

“International Project Management Day first came about in 2004, spearheaded by Laverne Johnson and Lori Milhaven in conjunction with the men and women of the IIL (International Institute of Learning) team. They knew the hard work that project managers do, and how much they add to a project coming off efficiently and on time, with all the p’s and q’s crossed,” the Days of the Year website explains.

Giving project managers the tools they need can make their job much easier. A Gartner Software Market Insights report on project management found that 53% of survey respondents purchased project management software in order to increase productivity and improve business efficiency. As we recognize project managers, something to keep in mind is the importance that project management software can play in helping companies achieve their goals. 

In honor of International Project Management Day, we have curated content and resources just for them. 

Overcome IT Project Management Challenges & Cost Overruns

Did you know that one in six IT projects have a cost overrun of 200%? Since project management touches almost every aspect of how organizations achieve their goals, it can have a big impact on costs.

Keeping Projects on Track in a Hybrid Work Environment

There are many factors that contribute to setting up your project for success, like promoting teamwork, being flexible, and putting the customer at the center. Using project management software tools can help you stay organized while maximizing resources and collaboration at each stage of the project—and a project management solution that works with your CRM can help.

Struggling with Salesforce Data and Org Migration or App Integration?

No matter how complex your Salesforce optimization project is, it’s crucial to understand what you need for a successful initiative first. What kind of a business outcome are you looking to achieve? Once you begin analyzing and planning your project, you’ll gain a better understanding of the project plan and milestones.

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