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Dear PT, 

At our company, we view a retained dollar of revenue to be just as valuable as a new dollar. Even more so when you consider an unretained dollar needs to be replaced with a new dollar just to maintain flat revenue, which then hampers growth. So. . . how can we prevent churn and increase our retention rate along with cross- and upselling? Is there a data solution that identifies troubling signs early on when they can be corrected?

Lapser Chase from Retaine, Ireland

Dear Lapser,

It is wise to look for those troubling signs, and Rollup Helper can find them. One way: You can rollup the date of the last Order for a Contact and then calculate the number of days since Closed Won. Internally, you can determine the critical time milestones. Then, once a Contact enters a particular range or ranges, auto-response campaigns can be executed to re-engage the Contact.

Also, this can be customized across multiple products or product portfolios, for retention and cross-sell. It all depends on your company’s particular needs. And it starts with creating a rollup to track the last Order date—learn more.




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