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Outputs from both Salesforce® and AI are entirely dependent on the inputs—the quality of the data being analyzed. More than ever, your company needs a data optimization process that leverages all of the stakeholders and not just a select few.

It’s clear that Salesforce is all-in on the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. In fact, it has been for a few years. But the recent Dreamforce 2023 served notice that its entire product portfolio will draw on this emerging technology in numerous ways. Just as Salesforce led the cloud revolution more than 20 years ago, the company is looking to once again stay ahead of the innovation curve.

This, of course, is great news for Salesforce’s business customers. In recent years, accelerating growth has been a challenge for many businesses, often due to societal and economic factors beyond their control. To compete today, adapting to rapid change is a must, and AI may be an accelerator needed for many of these companies.

Ultimately, like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. The same is true for getting a return on investment when deploying Salesforce. Especially now that AI is part of the equation. Or put another way, you would want to avoid the popular IT saying: Garbage in, garbage out.

What Is Your Company’s Data Quality Strategy?

Outputs from both Salesforce and AI are entirely dependent on the inputs—the quality of the data being analyzed. More than ever, your company needs a data optimization process that leverages all of the stakeholders and not just a select few. You don’t want artificial intelligence that isn’t intelligent.

Among the biggest data problems most companies face are invalid/incomplete records and duplicate records. Each situation degrades analysis and productivity.

A recent Salesforce study, Ensuring Data is of High Quality, found that the average customer’s contact database is composed of 90% incomplete contacts, with 20% of records being useless due to several factors, such as . . . .more than 25% of those being duplicates.

Data Quality Helper Addresses Incomplete or Duplicate Issues Easily and Quickly

A new, free 100%-native Salesforce app from Passage Technology, Data Quality Helper, is the solution you need for improving the quality of your data. It exceeds default Salesforce data quality tools, by using customizable rules for (hard or soft) data validation and duplicate data resolution.

Admins establish the rules and customized warning messages, per business needs and priorities. The rules and messages are applied to all records in the org. Then, users are shown these messages when creating, updating, or viewing records with data issues. Next, users are empowered with easy-to-use tools to fix identified issues. 

So all existing data, as well as newly created data over time, can be elevated. This not only improves Salesforce and AI outcomes, but also elevates productivity and morale for the people in your business.

Data Quality Helper Is a Key Component of an Ongoing Data Quality Strategy

The app has a home page component that lists all records with identified and unresolved data issues in one place. This tracking is done in real time, and each record on the list has links that allow quick resolution of the problem. The list can also show all records with issues in the entire organization or those owned by the current user (which makes it helpful for that user to resolve those issues).

Bad data quality silently sabotages your business, reducing the ROI from your Salesforce and AI investments. With each passing day, the corrosive effects compound and get worse. Don’t let this happen to your business. Act today and download Data Quality Helper for free at the AppExchange.

Once you do, bad data quality will not sneak up on you again.

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