Milestones PM+ Tour

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We invite you watch this brief and informal video to learn more about some of the features of Milestones PM+.


START Using Milestones PM+

You can install Milestones PM+ today for free and start using it by following our admin guide. Not interested in reading the entire admin guide, don't fret, just skim along to understand the basics of Milestones PM+ below.


 Because our app is built on the Salesforce Platform, you have the ultimate flexibility to custom it. You can rename any object/tab in Milestones and it is easy to configure.


Implement programs to group your projects together and display on the program-level gantt chart.


Use projects to track anything that has a start or a finish date. Projects can even be child projects to a program! A project has multiple milestones.



Use milestones to track a component of your project that has a start or a finish date. A milestone can start and end on the same date as is the case with a traditional milestone marketing a specific point in the project or a milestone can be treated much a like a phase, stage, or segment of the project. Milestones can even have multiple task or be related to any object in Salesforce! Milestones can be linked to other milestones to form dependencies that are displayed on the Gantt Chart. Milestones can be be cloned with their tasks or you may use the Templates functionality for the entire project work breakdown structure (Project, Milestones, Tasks) to be copied. Milestones can be moved from one project to another (where applicable).


Use tasks to hold individuals accountable for delivering on specific time-sensitive items. Milestones can even have multiple task or be related to any object in Salesforce! With our PM+ Enterprise Edition, you can sync Salesforce native tasks with our Milestones PM+ tasks.


You may create project templates for each of your project types out of the box. A template consists of a project, their milestones, and each milestones' tasks. To create a template, click the "Export Template" project. After creating a project template file, use the "Import Template" tab to create a project from the template file or you can setup templates to automatically create projects from within any object. Just read our admin guide to learn more.


Use logs to log critical decision, issues, or risks.


Use the calendar to view deadlines of all sort in a calendar format.


Configure the gantt chart to display different units of times. Display a gantt of child projects under a program, a project's milestones, or even a milestone's tasks.


Shows a milestone-level gantt chart of each project with option to search for a project. Can drill down into each project.