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  • Pre-requisites
    • Before installing the Premium Edition, make sure you tick off the box Track Activities on the Milestone1_Task__c custom object.
  • Salesforce Task Sync
    • You can now sync your Salesforce tasks with Milestones PM+ tasks. As you create Milestones PM+ tasks, SFDC tasks can appear on your homepage and you can set reminders for your tasks as well. This allows you to integrate the homepage My Tasks views and reminders on user login with your Milestones PM+ tasks. You can now have all your tasks in one location! If you make updated to the tasks.
  • Resource Assignment
    • Each task can now be attached to a a resource. You should create a resource for each user or contact you have in your system that you intend to assign to a project tasks. 
  • Milestone and Task Communication Templates
    • Ensure tight project communication internally and externally by ensuring emails are sent for key milestones or tasks. Send emails to any user (milestone owner, assigned to, etc.) or third party from the milestone or task page at the click of button. Just pick a folder for all your project-related email template and copy the ID of that folder into the Default Email Template Folder custom setting, then add MPM4_Task_Email and MPM4_Milestone_Email visualforce pages to your milestone and task pages. Note: If you want to use a custom email address field you, can use the Custom Task Email Field or Custom Milestone Email Field custom settings to point Milestones PM+ to the correct API name for the email address field you want to use on the respective object.