The following are highlights from the Spring 2017 Milestones PM+ Release. Since there were many changes made, you can view the full release notes here.

New Features

  • You can now drag/drop the Gantt Chart bars to reschedule your project. ($)
  • The Milestones PM+ Gantt Chart component is now Salesforce Community Cloud Ready! Contact Passage Technology to learn more about enablement.
  • Our standalone Time Helper time management system is now available as part of Milestones PM+ Premium Edition. Time Helper allows time to be tracked on any Salesforce Standard or Custom Object. ($)
  • We now support queues for your projects. When using Project templates, the assignment will be kept through the export/import process when the owner is a queue.
  • You can now save time by creating multiple projects at once from multiple source records that should initiate a Project.
  • You can now choose a Project start date from which to reschedule your planned Projects on the “Project Configuration” page.
  • Gantt Chart Improvements
    • You can now add the Assigned To and Resource fields into the Gantt Chart. ($)**
    • Gantt Charts can now be printed with External Tasks only. ($)
    • You may now edit Start/End Date columns.
    • You can now view tasks on the Program Gantt Chart.**
    • You can now enable sorting on the Project Gantt Chart. When on a Program, you can customize the sort order of the Projects.**
  • You can now disable showing the Delete Column on the Project Planner.**
  • Projects now have dependencies between each other via the Predecessor Project lookup.
  • You can now keep the Owner of assignments on a template when exporting.**
  • Tasks can now be designated as Internal or External.
  • Added field sets on Project, Milestone and Task to allow the user to clone any field.

Performance, Usability, and Behavior Improvements

  • The Next Project Top Milestone Name will be auto-calculated at the Project level. This field pulls the name of the next incomplete Milestone with a deadline filled out that does not have a parent milestone.*
  • When creating a Project from a template, Project dates will shift to Today on Project import.
  • Added a Lookup filter for predecessor Project.
  • Added disable triggers custom setting. This is useful in data loading scenarios, test methods, and for clients who do not wish to have dates being shifted.**
  • Added pagination to Printable Gantt chart to allow for printing large projects.
  • Successor Tasks with the “Exclude Weekend Work” option checked will now respond to predecessor shifts.
  • Premium Edition customers who are interested in installing version 7.48.*


$  Feature requires Premium Edition

* Action Required: Please read the full release notes.

 **  Feature must be enabled via a custom setting

Bug Fixes

  • Several miscellaneous bug fixes.