New Features

  • Historical Object Usage Growth: The growth of any object’s storage usage can now easily be viewed in Storage Usage Analytics.
  • Lightning App: Switching to Lightning is now even easier...

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Storage savings suggestions can now be dismissed on the Storage Usage Analytics page.
  • The info text on the Storage Usage Analytics page has been improved.
  • ...
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New Features

  • Unlimited number of Storage Recycle Jobs!
    • Storage Helper Free Edition now includes an unlimited number of Storage Recycle Jobs! Instead of being restricted to just one Storage Recycle...

New Features

  • Search and Restore is now available for records that have been deleted by Storage Helper. With Enable Search for Archived Records enabled on the Storage Recycle Job’s Backup option,...
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New Features

  • Records recycled by Storage Helper may now be backed up into a .csv file.
  • Storage Helper savings will now be displayed in the local currency type if multi currency is enabled for the...

New Features

  • Recycle archived Tasks and Events.
  • Storage Helper will now suggest ways to reduce the usage percentage so you may avoid hitting the storage limit.
  • Storage Helper now allows you to track...
Storage Helper Version 1.73

October 31, 2016


Performance Improvement

  • Increased the maximum number of objects and fields available for selection when creating a Storage Recycle Job.

Bug fixes

  • Collection size issue resolved.
  • View state size...