Where do I go for help?

We recommend that you join our Salesforce Success Community. Here you can post new questions and click the small magnifying glass right above the feed to search for previous questions and answers.

We also recommend that you scan this list of frequently asked questions to orient yourself to some of the more basic questions that you may have.

You may also contact us via email.

How are the rollups run?

Rollups can be run on-demand (manually via the "Run" function), on a schedule, or in real-time (Premium Edition is needed for real-time).

What do I get for free with Rollup Helper Free Edition?

In this free version, you get 3 active rollups that can be run on a schedule. To view a full list of Rollup Helper Free Edition features, click here.

Does Rollup Helper Free Edition have real-time capability?

No, but if you need real-time rollups you can upgrade to Rollup Helper Premium Edition.

I need to schedule more than 3 rollups, what do I do?

Consider upgrading to the Rollup Helper Premium Edition to get unlimited scheduled or even real-time rollups.

I'm concerned about Rollup Helper consuming Salesforce resources or reaching the governor limits, should I be concerned?

No. You can configure Rollup Helper to the unique resource constraints facing your Salesforce operating environment. We have engineered an asynchronous mode to Rollup Helper which is a great tool to overcoming any governor limits you may be running into. We also offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee to give you peace of mind. Furthermore, all your data is processed natively on the Salesforce platform, so we are not consuming any API limits.

Are there any "per user" fees associated with Rollup Helper Premium Edition?

No. Rollup Helper Premium Edition features unlimited users, and you do not pay any additional fee for each individual user.

I deploy Apex code into production. Will Rollup Helper interfere with this process?

No, Rollup Helper code runs in it own namespace like other managed applications. Managed apps have their own code coverage requirement and all unit tests within a package must successfully pass in a development org before the package may be created. We recommend that you run all your unit tests with the "RunAllTests = false" attribute if you are using Rollup Helper as this is the Salesforce default. This default setting will prevent any local discrepancies (e.g. custom required fields, validation rules) from impacting your code deployments as our unit tests will fail if you have custom required fields, validation rules, etc. As long as you have the "RunAllTests = false" attribute set, you can deploy your apex code as normal. Changing to "RunAllTests = true" will not cause Rollup Helper install or performance issues.  Here is an official statement from Salesforce on this topic:

  • Managed package code is not included in the required code coverage calculation for deployment.  The 75% requirement is on all Apex code in your org's namespace.  Managed code has its own namespace, so it is not included.
  • When deploying to production, all tests in your org's namespace will be run.  Managed tests will not be run by default. 
  • If the deployment package explicitly marks runAllTests to true, managed tests will also run.  These will need to execute without any failures should the flag be set.  Despite this, the 75% requirement for code coverage is still only on unmanaged code.

If for some reason you are concerned with setting "RunAllTests = false", we guarantee that Rollup Helper will still function correctly. 

If I purchase Rollup Helper Premium Edition and my license expires / lapses, what happens?

Your rollup fields will stop auto-calculating in real-time, but your rollup fields and existing data in them will still exist.

What is your release process?

Our release process is documented here.

Can you roll-up information from a child Roll-Up Summary field to the Parent Account?

Yes! Unlike Roll-Up Summary Fields in Salesforce, Rollup Helper is able to perform Hierarchy rollups.

Can Rollup Helper roll-up information from Contacts to Accounts?

Yes! Since Rollup Helper uses normal Custom Fields instead of Roll-Up Summary fields, the rollup can be configured easily without using custom code or triggers.

What if I have reached my limit for creating Roll-Up summary fields in Salesforce? Can I still use Rollup Helper?

Yes! The normal Custom Fields populated by Rollup Helper do not count against your Rollup-Summary Field limits.

What is the Unable to Lock Row error?

The error: “UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW, unable to obtain exclusive access to this record” is usually caused by one of three things: a User editing a record that is being edited by an asynchronous Rollup Helper job, by Rollup Helper asynchronous jobs attempting to lock the same record, or multiple jobs trying to modify the Validation Helper setting. Some troubleshooting steps could include lowering record scope or disabling “Enable Validation Rule Helper” in Rollup Helper Custom Settings. For additional assistance, please email: support@passagetech.com