Capture Key Activity Metrics with Rollup Helper and Cirrus Insight


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When the great team at Cirrus Path asked us to contribute our experience using Cirrus Insight and what it did for Passage Technology, we were giddy with excitement, because as users of both Cirrus Insight and Rollup Helper, we knew that we had two of most amazing products to talk about that will take any CRM to the next level.

With Cirrus Insight, we have reduced the time it takes to close deals and our data quality is also much better. We not only have more complete profiles of our contacts, but we have information “at our fingertips” when working within Gmail.

Here at Passage Technology, we have the same vision of what it means to have all the information at your fingertips. To us this means having all the information you need know about your customers: A summary of sales history/orders, customer personas, customer ideas, or even a summary of your activities (tasks or events).

One of the most popular use cases we have seen with Rollup Helper is the ability to capture key activity metrics on the lead, contact, or account pages (see example image below). With these key activity metrics powered by Rollup Helper, you’ll get immediate visibility to relevant task or event information both inside of your CRM and within Gmail using Cirrus Insight. 

With Cirrus Insight + Rollup Helper, you can easily take these great activity tracking rollups and drag them onto your Cirrus Insight Page Layouts.  

Being a software company selling to businesses, we know it takes time to reach the right people, so metrics like number of calls, emails, last called date/time, last emailed date/time, or how many days it has been since we last attempted to reach a customer is very important to us as it tells us how far along we are at attempting to reach a person, if we’ve had success, and when it is time to move on to the next person.

Also, knowing what that last task type was is important. Cirrus Insight provides you with Last Activity and Next Activity on the snapshot page, but when you need to take your Activity Tracking to the next level, Rollup Helper is a great choice!

We also needed to build out a profile of our contact information by rolling up various information such as installs or converted lead information. This means rolling up custom object information and converted lead information. When someone installs our product, that lead becomes automatically converted in our CRM.

The same thing might happen when someone sends us an email or fills out a form on our website. Keeping track of these multiple interactions can be difficult in Salesforce and in Gmail, so with Cirrus Insight + Rollup Helper, all your key converted lead / interaction information and product information is right there on your contact page layout within Gmail.  

Here you can see we have a Lead Source – Composite field added to the layout. This is a text rollup we created in Rollup Helper that is grabbing all the lead sources we have seen for this contact across all of his interactions with us.

We can see Bob Gibson first installed the product, then he sent us an inbound email, etc., plus we can also see when that last time we noticed any type of activity and converted a lead (the Lead Source – Composite Changed Date/Time field). In the Activity Packages field (another text rollup), we can also see that he is a user of Rollup Helper. This field can also show us any other apps he has installed. This is critical information to have within your CRM or Gmail.

Whatever your activity tracking needs are or no matter how many custom objects you have, related to your contacts, accounts, or leads, I am sure you will find even more value from Cirrus Insight when you have Rollup Helper installed. You can install Cirrus Insight from their website and Rollup Helper from the AppExchange.

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