Referral Tracking

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Business Problem:  

Creating top partner reports or rollup fields for how many times someone or an organization has referred business to you is not straightforward in Salesforce. 


Count the number of referred items (e.g. leads, custom objects, contacts, etc) and do a SUM (Count) rollup. For example, one of our clients wanted to to track how many times they got a medical referral (Custom object) and rolled up the count of these to the Physician (Contact) that submitted the referral. 

  • Create a new Number field on the Account object. Also create a checkbox on Opportunities to show if this is a referred Opportunity. 
  • Create a rollup in Rollup Helper
    • Set destination object as Account
    • Select the new Number field you just created
    • Set child object as the object you want to count. For this example, we'll use Opportunities.
    • Relationship field is Account ID - Opportunity.AccountID
    • The type of rollup is Sum, based on Amount
    • Create a filter
      • Filter criteria is where Stage equals Closed Won
      • Also include the new Referral checkbox being checked
    • Save filter. Save and run the rollup
  • Create a report to show partner accounts, along with the new number field and sort in descending order
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