Business Problem:  

To measure a user’s productivity, I need to be able to report on the total number of Live Chat Transcripts and the total number of Cases worked in a week.  There is not a way to link the information in a report in Salesforce.


1. Create two number fields on the target object. One field to hold the case count the other field to hold the live chat transcript count.

2. Create a formula field to add up two numeric fields created in the above step.

3. Create two count rollups whose target object is User. One Rollup whose source object is Live Chat Transcript, the other Rollup that uses case as the source object.

4. Select Deleted as the source field, and Count for the rollup type.

5. Create a new filter that will only count Cases/Live Chat Transcripts whose CREATED DATE Equals TODAY, THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH, THIS YEAR or whatever fits your requirements.

6. Schedule the rollup to run in accordance with the filter you have set. (Every day, every month, every week, every year, ect..)

Once completed you may create a report that displays the custom formula field to display the total number of cases and live chat transcripts for your users for a given time period.