Business Problem:

As a Sales Manger, I need to be able to identify the number of calls or emails on an Opportunity for better sales analytics and planning.


Create a count rollup defining the number of tasks that are calls or emails.

  1. Create a custom number field on Opportunity (Number of Calls)
  2. Create a count rollup
    1. In the Rollup Helper Tab, select Opportunity
    2. Select the field you created (Number of Calls)
    3. Select Task as the child Object
      1. Select Deleted as the field on Task to use as a source
      2. Select Count
    4. Create a New Filter
      1. In step 3 Specify Filter Criteria, Subject Contains Call
    5. Save the Filter
    6. Save and Run the rollup
  3. Follow the same process to count the number of emails.


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