An easy way to view agent case load utilization % is needed so that business decisions can be made on case reassignment or additional resources needed.


Implement a custom field on the User object to store the case load for each User.  This should be the number of cases expected to be assigned to that user over the same time period of the rollup.  Use Rollup Helper to roll up the number of open Cases to the User and use a formula field to determine the utilization percentage.

Create 3 fields on User:

  • Number:  Expected Case Load This Month
  • Number:  Actual Case Load This Month
  • Formula:  Percent Utilization
    • Formula Return Type:  Percent
    • Actual_ Case_Load_This_Month__c  /  Expected_Case_Load_This_Month__c

Create a rollup with Rollup Helper calculating the number of Open Cases this month:

  1. Select Destination Object:  User

  2. Select Target Field:  Actual Case Load This Month

  3. Select Source Field:

    1. Select Child Object:  Case

    2. Select Relationship Field:  Owner ID - Case.OwnerId

    3. Which field on Case?

      1. Deleted

      2. Select Type:  Count

  4. Create New Filter:

    1. Step 1. Enter Filter Name

      1. Open This Month

      2. Limit to should be blank

    2. Step 2. Specify Sort Order (skip this step, sorting not required)

    3. Step 3. Specify Filter Criteria

      1. Deleted = False (default)

      2. Closed != True

      3. Created Date >= This Month

  5. Save the filter.

  6. Save and Run the rollup.

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Have any other utilization ideas this use case could be adapted for?  Please post in the comment section below.