As an operations manager, I want to be able to easily see the date of the most recent task with a specific subject (Order Sent) that has been completed on a Case.


  1. Create a custom date field on Case (Order Sent)

  2. Create a rollup

    1. Rollup Helper Step 1) Select Case as the object to roll up to.

    2. Rollup Helper Step 2) Select the field on Case that you would like to update (Order Sent).

    3. Rollup Helper Step 3)    

      1. Select Task as the child object with the Task.WhatId for the relationship.

      2. Select Due Date Only as the field to use as a source for your rollup

      3. Select Type:  Maximum

  3. Create a filter

    1. Filter Step 1)  Keep the “Limit to” 1 record.

    2. Filter Step 2)  Keep the Sort order on Descending for Due Date Only

    3. Filter Step 3)

      1. Subject contains Order Sent

      2. Status equals Completed

  4. Save the filter

  5. Save and Run the rollup!