Monthly or YOY Reporting in Salesforce with Rollup Helper & Lookup Helper


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I need Monthly reporting to show the amount of Opportunities are open this month. This could also be done for Year-over-Year reports.  


You can use Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper together. For this example, we will do monthly reporting. 

  • From Setup > Object Manager
    • Create a Reporting Month custom Object
    • Create Lookup relationship Field from Opportunity to Reporting Month, called Reporting Month
    • Create new Formula Field on Opportunity to pull Month and Year from an Opportunity, called Reporting Month Formula
      • Set return type to Text
      • Use "Advanced Formula" 
      • TEXT (MONTH (CloseDate)) + "-" + TEXT (YEAR (CloseDate))
    • Create new Currency Field on the Reporting Month Object, called Open Opps Closing this Month
      • Set number decimal places to 2
  • Go into Lookup Helper to automatically relate Opportunities to Reporting Months
    • Create new Lookup Helper setting
    • Select Child Object as Opportunity
    • Maintain Existing Lookup Relationship, using the Reporting Month field
    • Field on Opportunity you want to match is the Reporting Month Formula field
      • Enable Create New Category Records
    • Save and run setting
  • Use Rollup Helper to aggregate Opportunity information on the Reporting Month
    • Create new Rollup Helper setting
    • Target Object is Reporting Month
    • Target Field is Open Opps Closing this Month
    • Child Object is Opportunities
    • Select Type of rollup as Sum
    • Field on Opportunity should be Amount
    • Create new filter to choose only Opportunities closing that month
      • Filter criteria should be Stage, not equal to, Closed Won
      • Another filter criteria is Stage, not equal to, Closed Lost
      • Save filter
    • Save and run rollup

You can also watch this video walkthrough for more details. 

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