Rollup Helper has added parent filter functionality! You can now choose which records your manual and scheduled rollup runs will process for. This targeted rollup functionality is applicable in endless scenarios.


As an ever-expanding company involved in multiple industries, rolling up data daily becomes extremely time-consuming and eventually unfeasible.


With Rollup Helper’s new parent filter functionality, you can now target your rollups to include only the information you’re interested in, such one of the industries instead of all. This speeds up the process significantly.

  • Create the following fields.

    • Create a Formula Field on Opportunity - PYTD (Previous Year to Date)

      • Formula Return Type:  Checkbox

      • Year(CloseDate) = year(today()) -1


        if(Month(CloseDate) = Month(today()), Day(CloseDate) <= Day(today()), Month(CloseDate) < Month(today())

    • Create a Currency Field on Account - PYTD Revenue

  • Create a rollup with Rollup Helper for Total Closed Won Opportunities PYTD:

    • Rollup Helper Step 1) Select Where You Would Like Your Rollup Results to Reside:  Account

    • Rollup Helper Step 2) Select Target Field:  PYTD Revenue

    • Rollup Helper Step 3) Select Source Field

      • Select Child Object:  Opportunity

      • Relationship:  Account ID - Opportunity.AccountId

      • Which field on Opportunity should we use as a source: Amount

      • Type: Sum

      • Create New Filter

        • Name:  Won PYTD

        • Limit to:  Blank

        • Specify Sort Order:  Default

        • Specify Filter Criteria

          • Deleted = false (default)

          • Won = TRUE

          • PYTD = TRUE

        • Save the Filter

    • Save and Run the Rollup

        • Create New Parent Filter

          • Name:  Account Industry

          • Limit and Sort Order do not apply to parent filters

          • Specify Filter Criteria

            • Deleted = false (default)

            • Industry = (choose desired value(s))

    • If you haven't already done so, enable real-time on Opportunity.

Have any suggestions for furthering this use case or other comparison ideas?  Please post in the comments section below.