Ensuring Accurate Pricing and Margin Levels With Rollup Helper


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The scenario is that users want to review their pricing for each product to make sure their margins are in the correct range. Because Salesforce doesn't expose the Price Book Entry to the Reports tab, you can't create such a report. 


  • To do this first create a custom Currency field on the Product Object you can call it: Standard_Price__c
  • Create a Rollup in Rollup Helper that rolls up the List Price from the Price Book Entry to the Product.
    • Select Product as the Target object
    • Select the new field Standard_Price__c as the Target field
    • Select PriceBookEntry as the Source object
    • Use the default relationship field called Product ID
    • Select Sum as the Rollup Type
    • Select List Price as the Target field
  • If you have more than 1 Price Book Entry per product in your org, you may have to get creative with the filter to ensure you Rollup the desired Price Book Entry record. An example filter would be:
    • Set the limit in the filter to 1 to only return a single price book record
    • In Step 2 put a sort order on a date field such as CreatedDate in DESC to return the most recently created entry
    • In Step 3 put a filter UseStandardPrice = true
    • This filter would return the single most recently created standard price for the Product
  • If you already have the cost of the Product on the Product record, we can take this a step further and create a formula that would return Margin % for the Product. The formula for this calculation would look like something similar to: (Standard_Price__c - Cost__c) / Standard_Price__c
Our case is simple because we only use Standard Price; if you have multiple Price Book Entries per Product then you will need to get creative with filter criteria on the rollup, or make a rule such as rolling up the MIN value.
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