Rollup Helper for FinancialForce


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Rollup Helper was recommended by Top Step Consulting in their webinar on FinancialForce 3rd Party Integration Add-ons (4:37).  Some of the ideas that were presented:

  • Time Card Information to Project

    • Detailed Time Card Calculations Filtered by Time Card Type

    • Detailed Time Card Calculations Based on Formulas

  • Milestone Information to Project

    • Track Units

    • Track Costs

    • Track Billable Amounts

  • PSA (Professional Services Automation) Estimates Versus Actuals

    • Future Schedules from Est. Vs Actuals through Assignment to Project

    • Future Costs from Est. Vs Actuals through Assignment to Project

    • Future Revenue from Est. Vs Actuals through Assignment to Project

In addition to these great ideas, Hierarchy, Text, Average, Cross Object and Rolling Date Based rollups as well as rolling up from a formula field or to a lookup field can be achieved with Rollup Helper.  Rollup Helper results can also be used in Validation Rules, Workflow Rules and Formula Fields providing real time actionable data that can be used to drive your business processes.

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