Rollup Most Recent Updates on Account (Custom Object)


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As an Account Manager or Sales Rep. I need to see the most recent activity on an Account before contacting the client.


Create a Custom Object (Updates) as a child of Account so that all Account Team members can log notes in one central place.  Create a Text rollup of the most recent Updates to the Account.

Rollup the notes first to Update, then up to Account.

  • Rollup to Update:
    • Create a Text Area field on Updates (Most Recent Notes)
    • Navigate to Rollup Helper, Rollup Step 1 select Updates
    • Rollup Step 2 select the field you created (Most Recent Notes)
    • Rollup Step 3:
      Rollup Notes to Update
    • Add a filter:
      • Limit of 3 child records per parent
      • Sort order is Created Date, in Descending order

Most Recent 3 Notes Filter

  • Rollup to Account
    • Create a Text Area field on Account ( Recent Updates)
    • Navigate to Rollup Helper; rollup step 1 Select Account
    • Rollup Step 2 select the field you created (Recent Updates)
    • Rollup Step 3:
      Rollup Update to Account
    • Add a filter:  Limit to 3 record, Sort Created Date in Descending order.

Save the filter, Save and Run the rollup.


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