Track your first response time for a lead using Rollup Helper


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Research shows that your best shot at reaching someone is right after their first interaction/lead is inserted into your CRM. As a sales manager, you need to track the speed with which your staff follows up on leads, but there is no field for this in Salesforce to easily report on or put into list views.


  1. Create a custom datetime field on Lead called 'First Response'. This field will be calculated by Rollup Helper using your lead's tasks.
  2. Create a number formula field on Lead called 'First Response Lead Time' as follows: (CreatedDate - First_Response__c)*1440
  3. Create a MIN rollup off the CreatedDate of a Task and roll it up to the Lead object using Rollup Helper (see the video for the exact steps). You will want to make sure to apply any filters to filter out automated or non-sales related tasks.

Tags: Lead, MIN, Task
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