Salesforce Event Sync project tasks; Milestones PM+, free Salesforce project management app on AppExchange: Customizable, mobile optimized, Tasks, Time tracking, Gantt chart, Programs


✓ Provide visibility to key project-related events on the Salesforce homepage/calendar.

✓ Events can sync to MS Outlook using Salesforce for Outlook or Gmail. Salesforce for Outlook is a free app and there are very affordable 3rd Party AppExchange connectors for Gmail such as Cirrus Insight.

✓ Leverage highly engaging and easy to use views of your events integrated right on your home page.


✓ Sync your Project Task information to your Salesforce events to place them on the Salesforce calendar, in MS Outlook/Gmail, or your home page.

✓ Milestones PM+ tasks sync automatically with Salesforce events upon creation of a project task.

✓ Events appear on the home page or in calendar views.

✓ MS Outlook sync of events.

To get the Salesforce Task Event solution for Milestones PM+ Free Edition, please upgrade your installation of Milestones PM+ with the Milestones PM+ Premium Edition.