Easily Relate Salesforce Leads to the Source Campaigns


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Lookup Helper can automatically create lead source campaigns, and relate your leads directly to the correct lead source campaign.

With this relationship in place you can see a related list of all of the leads that have come into your system for any given lead source, you may also use our Rollup Helper application to aggregate important lead information to the lead source campaign record.

  1. Navigate to the Lookup Helper Menu and press the 'Create Lookup Helper Setting' button.
  2. Select Lead as the child object.
  3. Select the create new lookup relationship option and create the new Campaign lookup field.
  4. Select Lead Source as the child matching field.
  5. Select Type as the parent matching field on the Campaign.
  6. Click 'Configure New Category Records'.
  7. Click the 'Enable creation of category records?' checkbox.
  8. Populate any field values into the new Campaign that may be created (optional).
  9. Click 'Save' to save the creation of category records.
  10. Save the setting.

The following image shows the Lead Source selected along with Type.

image (51)


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