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Stage-Gate® Projects with Milestones PM+

One method many companies use for rapid product development is Stage-Gate®.  This method allows a new product to be taken from concept to launch with assessment and approvals at each stage.  The journey through the roadmap goes from Discovery to Scoping to Building a Business Case to Development to Testing and Validation then to Launch and includes a Post Launch Review.  Between each Stage is a Gate where deliverables are evaluated and the project at that point is given a decision of go/kill/hold/recycle. If the project is moving forward, an approved project plan, date and deliverables are given.  At this point the next gate is also agreed upon.

Having all of this information in Salesforce allows the project team to take full advantage of Salesforce functionality for collaboration, planning and reporting. Milestones PM+ is a native project management application that can easily be used for this methodology in Salesforce.

The name of the Milestone would be the Stage. All of the Sales, Marketing, Research and Development Deliverables for that Stage would be logged as Tasks and assigned to the appropriate Resources. The final Task would be the Gate and could have an Approval Process implemented so the Milestone would have to be approved before the team could move on to the next Stage. We have created a basic template to help you get started: Starter Template MPM+ Stage-Gate® Project

Optionally, the Object Labels can be changed in Milestones PM+ to suit your needs, so you would have an Object for Stages instead of Milestones for example and Tasks label changed to Deliverables.

Have you implemented Stage-Gate® projects with Milestones PM+?  Tell us your story below!


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