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Time Entry and Resource Management on Tasks and more

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Milestones PM+ is more than Salesforce project management – it’s resource management, too, and part of that is time tracking. Time Entry in Milestones PM+ allows Resources, who are either users or Contacts in your org, to log hours* on any object and any record. This provides a comprehensive view of where effort is spent across your business, whether that focus is on the Resource or work itself, and makes reporting much easier, versus calculating Case Times and other Salesforce activities alongside Project Tasks. And because Milestones PM+ is 100% Salesforce-native, Time Entry works on Cases for Service Cloud, Content for Marketing Cloud, Quotes for Sales Cloud, and any other object, standard and custom.

Time Entry and all Resource Management capabilities are available with Milestones PM+ Premium Edition. Try it out today with a free 14-day trial.

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*By default, only User-Resources can log time in the app including on behalf of Contact-Resources, such as collaboration hours. To have Contact-Resources log time and access project data, they need Salesforce and Premium Edition licenses, of which we offer Premium per-user discounts.

Concerned about security with Contact-Resource access? Our Salesforce-certified development team can setup your resource management – and even your project management – in Milestones PM+. Schedule a consultation!

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