Setting up Revenue Cloud (Salesforce CPQ, Billing)


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Revenue Cloud combines Salesforce CPQ and Billing to power sales and finance with integrated quoting, order management, and invoicing.


Setting up CPQ can be extremely time consuming, depending on the business and the intricacy of their pricing model.

Scenario #1

If users responsible for CPQ’s setup aren’t well-versed with the Salesforce platform, it can prove to be a long and stressful endeavor.

Scenario #2

If an internal admin is given responsibility for CPQ’s setup, they must balance this new workload in addition to their daily responsibilities.

Solution #1

Manage CPQ implementation with Milestones PM+. Users and admins can organize everything needed for a successful setup including meetings and check-ins. Plus, with Milestones PM+ Premium Edition, time can be logged for insight into progress and effort, and resources can be assigned to distribute work and optimize productivity.

First, download Milestones PM+ Free Edition from the AppExchange. Then, start a free 14-day trial of Milestones PM+ Premium Edition to experience its ease-of-use and how it can make managing the CPQ setup just as easy.

Solution #2

Let the Salesforce-certified developers at Passage Technology do the work for you. As a business with various products and pricing tiers, we are able to understand the business requirements for the most complex pricing models and efficiently communicate how to best approach your CPQ implementation. Schedule a consultation to get started!

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