Milestone Billing Automation with Revenue Cloud, Salesforce CPQ


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Revenue Cloud combines Salesforce CPQ and Billing to power sales and finance with integrated quoting, order management, and invoicing.


With Revenue Cloud and Salesforce CPQ all ready to go in your org, automated milestone billing is next on the to-do list. The current procedure for project work, such as Cases or Tasks on an Opportunity or Service Order, doesn’t seem sophisticated enough to handle accurate billing and risks messy data when it comes to reporting. After finally getting CPQ up and running, easy milestone billing automation with minimal training and expenses is a necessity.


Milestones PM+!! 100% Salesforce-native means the app is built on and for the platform, so everything that comes in Milestones PM+ can be utilized across Salesforce including CPQ, Process Builder, Workflow, and Flow Builder. Milestones PM+ is for project management, adaptable enough even for the most complex project needs, so it’s already structured perfectly for milestone billing.

First, download Milestones PM+ Free Edition from the AppExchange. Then, start a free 14-day trial of Milestones PM+ Premium Edition to experience its ease-of-use and how it can make milestone billing automation just as easy.

Need help getting started or just want the job done? Let the Salesforce-certified developers at Passage Technology do the work for you. As the creators of Milestones PM+, rest assured that you’ll receive the quickest implementation of Milestones PM+ possible, meaning CPQ and your business will get to work for you faster. Sound good? Schedule a consultation!

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