Salesforce Task Notifications and Project Resource Alerts


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Automatic and manual Project alert notifications to: Task Owners, including communication and progress updates, on collaborative efforts; Resources of successor Tasks that prerequisites are complete.


Milestones PM+ is optimized to adapt for various notification preferences, improving both efficiency and visibility while reducing delays.

  • A manager as Project Owner can be alerted when Milestones are completed or Tasks are late.
  • Alerts when Risks and Issues are created and/or resolved.
  • Resources can be notified of new Task assignments or reassignments.
  • With approval processes, such as related Cases or Opps, notify the submitter and update Task status accordingly.

Eliminate bottlenecks – Easily create these workflows with Flow Builder and Process Builder or have our Salesforce-certified team set them up for you.

Maintain momentum – Send email notifications directly from any Milestone or Task record with Milestones PM+ Premium Edition.

Custom Settings

  • Auto UnFollow A Complete Task – Automatically unsubscribes Assigned Users from Chatter feed notifications of Tasks marked Complete.
  • Auto Follow A Task – Automatically subscribes Users to follow Tasks they’re Assigned To.
  • Auto Unfollow Reassignment – Automatically unsubscribes the previous Assigned User from a Task once reassigned to another User.
  • Disable All Resource Email Notifications – Turns off all notifications sent to Resources regarding Tasks, including when they’re Assigned To or a predecessor Task has been completed. (Premium Edition only)
  • Disable Resource Assignment Notification – Turns off notifications sent to Resources when they’re Assigned To a Task. (Premium Edition only)
  • View all Milestones PM+ Custom Settings in the Admin Guide.
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