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Launching a new product starts with an idea, then has to be vetted, developed, produced/distributed, marketed, and sold. This process requires company-wide collaboration and may also include working with multiple vendors. Keeping track of the entire process to ensure a successful launch can be daunting.


Use Milestones PM+ to create Salesforce Projects for each business unit, then group those Projects with a Product Launch Program. At the Program level, the Gantt chart in Salesforce will show the health and timeline for each team’s Project allowing cross functional collaboration and planning.

Product launch management with free Salesforce project app Milestones PM+
Product launch management with Milestones PM+ Premium Edition Gantt chart

Customize the Program to include any important analytics and add report charts that will give upper management or key stakeholders a clear picture of how the launch is progressing.


  • Lookup Helper can automatically relate Projects to any other Salesforce record such as Cases or Work Items.
  • Rollup Helper will allow the aggregation of Project Data.
  • Product Marketing Manager/Marketing Team may want items in a Project such as:
    • Market Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Sales Enablement
    • Market Intelligence
    • Demand Generation
  • The Research and Development team may need items such as:
    • Design
    • Prototype Build
    • Prototype Testing
    • Evaluation
    • Design Iteration
  • Taking advantage of Chatter on Projects, Milestones or Tasks will provide a vehicle for quick and easy cross functional collaboration.
  • Create templates from those Projects for future use to automatically create new Projects for the next new product launch.
  • Interested in using Stage-Gate® methodology? Check out Stage-Gate® Projects With Milestones PM+
  • In Lightning, view all Project Tasks in a Kanban view to help teams prioritize work.
Product launch management with free Salesforce program app Milestones PM+
Task management for a product launch with Milestones PM+ and Salesforce Kanban

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