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Dear PT, 

We use multiple clouds from Salesforce® throughout our company. Our various functional teams successfully use Projects to track and complete their activities. However, when it comes time for new product creation and launch, it's difficult to manage resource allocation as well as coordinate all of the functions and all of the work. Adding in external partners makes it even more complicated. How can we execute our new product in Salesforce Projects and Tasks in a more cohesive manner?

Gotom Arkett from Revel, France

Dear Gotom,

Yes, it's true a successful product launch requires contributions from all parts of a company and its vendors. Milestones PM+, a 100%-native Salesforce app, is designed to help overcome this challenge. Even better, it's easily customizable for all of the very different inputs when launching new products. No more fitting square pegs into round holes. From assignees, to managers, to project leaders, to executive leadership, everyone gets the view they need as the Program confidently moves forward.

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