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Get the Insights You Need to Make Informed Decisions

Stories are an important tool that can help people process complex concepts and make connections. Having a clear picture of your data story allows your organization to make informed decisions and Admins are perfectly positioned to uncover insights that can help organizations tell their data stories.

Sharing your analytics and data story organization-wide also plays a role in breaking down silos and getting different teams on the same page. “With data storytelling, data and analytics leaders can finally empower everyone in the company to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive the company forward every single day,” explains Lauren Westwood in her blog “Narrative Science to Join Salesforce (and Tableau) in New Acquisition” on Salesforce Ben.

But putting your data story together in Salesforce® can be challenging due to limitations, and that's why it's important to have tools to help you overcome these challenges.

For example, since Rollup Helper is not restricted to a Master/Detail relationship between Objects, rollups in Salesforce, including hierarchy rollups, are easy to do. Plus, the rollup results can be used for workflows, validation rules, or formula fields. Another limitation is that Salesforce doesn’t relate most records. Lookup Helper overcomes this by eliminating the need to write complex custom code for Objects and allows you to relate records automatically

Here are some ways you can use Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, and the Helper Suite to tell your data story with a few “how-to” tips.

Rollup Metrics Across Your Organization 

To roll up metrics across your organization, first, create a single Object with a single record for your organization. Next, set up Lookup Helper to link each source record to it. Then use Rollup Helper to get a global SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, TEXT, and COUNT across all records tied to that organization-wide record.

Aggregate Product Information to Make Informed Business Decisions 

Aggregating product information into your Account page gives you the information you need to make business decisions. Sales can also see the products that have or haven't been purchased for their Accounts and quickly identify Opportunities to cross sell or upsell. You can accomplish this by rolling up the Opportunity Products to a Text Area field on an Opportunity, and then again to the Account.

Group Records by District, Zip Code, or Geographic Location for Regional Forecasts 

Display the count of accounts, contacts, or the sum of total closed won sales amount for each zip code to track forecasts, actuals, and history for each zip code. You can accomplish this by automatically populating your lookups from Account to your desired Custom Object.

To provide senior leadership with instant visibility for regional forecasts, simply rollup your source field (e.g. closed won Opportunity amount) into each region. 

Build Quarterly, Monthly or Yearly Dashboards 

Just group records into time period buckets then rollup values like closed won Opportunity amounts by quarter. There are so many possibilities with this functionality — it's like having a report or dashboard relevant to the record you are viewing follow you around in Salesforce. 

Connect Information and Records 

The Individual Object in Salesforce allows you to tie the information about a person together from all of their Lead, Contact, Person Account, or custom Object records. Our Helper Suite apps can be used to automate Individual Object processes like when records need to be deleted that contain personal data when preferences change.

See how our customers are using our apps to tell their data stories: 

Bank Gets Broader View of Client Details in One Step

FineMark National Bank & Trust has a broader view of their client details, and their associates no longer need to visit multiple screens and multiple Objects to connect pieces of information. Read the full story.

AskNicely Team Gets Actionable, Real-time Data During the Pandemic

When AskNicely needed a tool that would quickly provide actionable data for their executive team during a crisis like the pandemic, they chose Rollup Helper. Read the full story.

Clear Capital Stays on Top of Data Trends and Simplifies Reporting

Now Clear Capital can spot trends in sales that allows them to be proactive with customers and prospects. Plus, they were able to resolve an issue that was previously done with custom code and objects by adding a lookup and rollup field to accomplish the same task. Read the full story.

Get Additional Ideas

For additional ideas on how you can use our apps to tell your data story, check out the Use Case Libraries for Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, and the Helper Suite.


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