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Dear PT, 

In this competitive job market, with turnover increasing, productivity is a challenge. We need to get new employees at our company onboarded and up-to-speed as soon as possible.  We have a number of separate processes in place within Salesforce® for both compliance and training. How might we take a more comprehensive approach to get better outcomes?

M. Ployer in Train, Germany

Dear M,

The hiring process involves compliance, best practices and training—things you must do and things you really should do. And these activities are not centralized to one or two of a company’s business functions. Success is critical to improving productivity and retention. Milestones PM+ is a 100%-native Salesforce project management app, and it can pull all of these vital activities into one large repeatable and sustainable Program.

It starts with customizable Project templates. These are used to organize groups of related predecessor and successor activities, into Milestones and Tasks. Completions and progress are tracked, risks and issues are noted, and notifications and contingency plans are triggered. 

Learn how to set up a comprehensive new employee onboarding system that breeds success. 




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