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In order to retain high quality new hires and accelerate the time it takes to have the new hire up and running, key steps must be completed in a timely manner. Some steps will apply to all employees such as new hire paperwork, drug screens, and education or employment verification. Other steps may vary by department, role, geographic location or whether they work in an office or remotely.


Use Milestones PM+ and its template engine to create a Project in Salesforce for each new hire so that no steps are missed and ensure the successful on-boarding of your new hire.

Salesforce program manager with employee onboarding projects in free task management app Milestones PM+
With Milestones PM+ Premium Edition, optionally add Resource and Duration Columns to the Gantt chart and use Drag & Drop, Manage Project Plan and Printable Gantt features.

When creating Project templates, use Milestones to group Tasks together based on when they need to be completed or create any necessary predecessor/successor dependencies. For example:

  • Required paperwork that must be completed before the new employee’s start date because the offer is contingent on items such as passing a drug screen, background check, or education verification.
  • Standard first day items such as ID verification, system access, facility tour, etc.
  • A Training Milestone can set expectations, provide resources, and define dates for when the new hire should be completed.

Risks records keep track of potential issues that could occur and contingency plans that need to be in place if the risk is highly probable or impactful. Implement a risk management assessment and mitigation tracking processes for one or all of your important projects.

For example, retaining talented or highly qualified employees. If onboarding tasks are not being completed in a timely fashion, the new hire may have a bad impression of the company and resign. This may cause the company to lose a valuable resource as well as cause increased time and expense hiring and onboarding a replacement.

Using templates to automatically create new projects with all of the necessary Milestones and Tasks ensures consistency in your onboarding process.

Use different templates for each different type of:

  • Position/Role
  • Function
  • Location

Learn how to create templates from our Admin Guide.

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