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6 Popular Use Cases: Apps that Fill Salesforce® Gaps


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Time Savers for Managing Data, Reports, and Projects 


1. Adding Time Entry to Salesforce 

This use case shows you how to get detailed reports for time logged in the Time Entry grid on any object (standard and custom) by leveraging Milestones PM+ Premium Edition. Read the full use case.

2. Using Formulas for Roll-ups Rather than Static Criteria

There are many scenarios in Salesforce where formula fields are required. Having to create Roll-up Summary fields without the ability to also use formula fields in your criteria presents a challenge. A limitation with native Roll-up Summary fields is that they can only be created with certain types of formula fields applied in the roll-up criteria. If there are any formula fields that contain a reference to date functions within them, they will automatically be filtered out of the available list of fields to use in your roll-up summary criteria. Using Rollup Helper overcomes this situation. Read the full use case.

3. Deleting Old Email Messages, Auto-Responses & Case Email Messages

Did you know that old email messages can be one of the top consumers of Salesforce Data Storage? Whether you’re using Email to Case and your support reps are communicating back and forth via email on a Case, or your sales reps are logging their emails in Salesforce, these email messages are consuming a lot of Data Storage in your org. Additionally, Auto-Response emails are also being logged. Storage Helper will alleviate storage bloat. Read the full use case.

4. Determining Account Priority (Value & Matrix Scoring)

Here’s a challenge: The marketing team needs to find a better way to hand off accounts to sales. They are currently using Salesforce's native rating scale based on the accounts' latest activity, but they want options for refining accounts further. See how Prioritization Helper allows them to achieve their goals. Read the use case.

5. Business Process Automation for Salesforce Projects 

This use case shows how automating business processes can save time while helping to reduce the chance for errors, such as missing a step or an approval. Milestones PM+ is 100% Salesforce-native, which means the app can seamlessly integrate into your org. Read the full use case.

6. Tracking Sales Rep Commissions within Salesforce

Traditionally, compensation programs for sales teams are based on incentive structures like commissions, which may be flat percentages or tiers, depending on how the organization does business. Some organizations may need to provide different commission percentages to particular sales rep or roles within an organization. In addition, reps and Sales Leaders use commission amounts as another type of sales metric, reflecting performance in the current period and historically. All of this may require extra efforts in computing, tracking and compensating, but it doesn’t have to when using Data Analysis HelperRead the full use case.

Don’t see the use case you’re looking for here? There’s a wide range of use cases on our website. You can also check out Helper Suite Use Cases to see how to use multiple apps together, or look through the individual app use case libraries for more ideas.

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