Struggling With Repetitive Tasks, Optimizing Resource Allocation & Analyzing Project Performance?



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How Project Automation Can Help You Overcome Salesforce® Project Management Pain Points

Common pain points organizations often face with Salesforce Project Management are that Salesforce doesn’t have project, portfolio, or resource management capabilities within any Cloud. 

This can create inefficiencies and lack of transparency for organizations. Imagine managing a project and being unable to view options for resources for tasks that need to be completed. 

For example, as the Healthier Kids Foundation grew, they saw a need for a more structured approach for project management. The team was using emails, Word documents, spreadsheets, and Outlook Calendars to manage projects, but they weren’t able to track how much work was coming in or who was doing the work. 

Healthier Kids needed a solution that was integrated with Salesforce, so they chose Milestones PM+ to help them organize projects. 

“When I first started, if someone had done a report, there was no record of it. There was no way to track when it was created or what the parameters were. The organization was swamped constantly with new programs,” explains the organization’s Chief of Staff, VP Information Systems and Quality, Bob Hansen.

Bob said that Milestones PM+ eliminated that chaos and gave them a unified source of communication on who is requesting the work and what they’re requesting. (Read the full story: Milestones PM+ Helps the Healthier Kids Foundation Manage Projects and Focus on Their Mission.)

Following are use cases that show how Milestones PM+ can help with optimizing resource allocation and analyzing project performance. 

Resource Management for Salesforce Project Tasks

This use case shows how Milestones PM+ custom object records, like Task and Resource, and standard object records, like Product and Case, are seamlessly compatible with lookups, reporting, and charts.

Salesforce Task Notifications and Project Resource Alerts

Do you have issues with automatic and manual Project alert notifications for Task Owners, including communication and progress updates? See how Project notification preferences can help improve efficiency and reduce delays.

Red Flags and Project Health in Salesforce

We get it. Salesforce reports can be tricky to create and, even if done successfully, the color selection of the charts and dashboards are restrictive and occasionally not visually distinct. 

Tracking Hours and Expenses on Project Task Page Layout

Need to improve data visibility and user productivity? This use case shows how Project records, like Task and Resource, and non-Project records, like Product and Case, are seamlessly compatible with lookups, reporting, and charts. 

100% Salesforce-native and free to download on the AppExchange, Milestones PM+ works with all Salesforce clouds (Professional and up) for any industry. 



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